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    Welcome to the league

    Language League is a game created by and for language enthusiasts. It’s a place, far away from dusty textbooks, to find your community and put your skills to the limit.

    Start with Hello, end with Catch ya later.

    Does Japanese pique your curiosity? Or are you just brushing up on your Spanish? With Language League’s courses, you’ll have everything you need to know in order to think and speak like a local from the get-go.

    Meet people from around the world.

    What better way to practice a language than to use it in real world situations? Here you’ll meet people with similar interests to yours and watch your friendships (and fluency) bloom naturally.

    Sit back, join the challenge, and win.

    Play thrilling games that’ll push your language skills to the limit. Put your understanding to the test by competing against others and become the champion of the League.

    What we believe

    It’s hard to stay motivated when learning on your own. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to motivate you to learn while having fun.

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